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Yes! It worked.
You are the proud new tenant of your desired accommodation in Maastricht or the surrounding area.

As a tenant of your new place, different things will come your way during your rental period. Especially when this is your first time renting it’s all new and maybe a bit unsure. BSGW, housing allowance, Minor Repairs Decree, registration with the Municipality or the Maastricht waste policy. All things that you may be unfamiliar with.
SMITS. is happy to help you experience optimal living pleasure!

There are a few things you can already take care of yourself. You just need to know about it. We would like to familiarize you with the wonderful world of renting in Maastricht. Please find some useful tips, tricks and advice to take your responsibilities as a tenant.

If you have a report for which you have unfortunately not found a solution yourself, you can do this via the tenant portal. You have previously received your login details from us by e-mail.