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Commercial Property Management

The return on rental property is largely determined by the type of tenant and the condition of the house. Property management is one of the core activities of SMITS. We manage real estate portfolios with the knowledge, expertise and attention it deserves. Just like we do with our own properties.

No time, but want to enjoy the return on your real estate investment without worrying? At SMITS. you've found the right place. As a specialist in property management, we arrange all ongoing activities involved in the management and rental of your property. SMITS. ensures maximum efficiency and reduces worries as much as possible. Property management requires customisation, and in consultation with the landlord SMITS. can alter services to personal specifications and needs. 

Commercial Property Management

In recent years we have let and managed many investment properties. In doing so, we have gained valuable experience, knowledge and insights. When SMITS. takes over the commercial management of your real estate, you no longer have to worry about:

- recording of the house
- determining the optimal rental price
- online and offline advertising of the property
- screening and selection of the right candidates
- viewings
- drafting the rental agreement
- performing an entry and end inspection

A wrong tenant is disastrous for a home, the return and a good night's sleep.
Which platforms should you use to quickly find suitable candidates? And when is a tenant suitable?
We know the right approach and what to look for.



There is a lot involved in the financial and administrative management of your real estate. Matters for which you may not have the time, or matters for which you lack the right expertise. It's important to handle the finances and administration of your real estate correctly. 

Our activities as a property manager consist of:

- rental price optimization
- annual indexation of the rent
- collecting the rent
- provide insight into your rent
- service costs administration
- collection of rent overdue 

SMITS. regulates the cash flows, collects the rent and monitors and identifies any payment arrears. So that the return on your real estate is utmost. In addition, we handle the administration from A to Z. You will receive a financial statement monthly.



Technical management indicates the need of real estate to be cared for and monitored, with accountability for and attention to its useful life and condition considered. The technical management of real estate partly determines the value of real estate and the satisfaction of tenants. A necessary but not necessarily favorite consequence of owning real estate. Many property owners dread the maintenance and repair requests from tenants. A breakdown of the central heating or a power failure on a Friday evening is prefarably outsourced. 

SMITS. has its own technician and a large network of reliable partners for technical management. In this way we ensure that your properties are and remain well maintained. Cost control, quality and speed are crucial here.

By outsourcing the management, you are completely unburdened and with the most achievable net return.